Wireless data solution for PS4 PRO game consoles

Wireless (mobile) data communications technology is revolutionising the way private and public sector organisations do business. A mobile workforce with reliable, secure wireless access to corporate systems opens up new business opportunities, improves customer service levels and efficiency, and reduces operating costs.

Using a wireless hard drive solution for PS4 PRO

If you happen to have a huge flash drive, you also have the option of backing up the entire OS, games included. To get inside, insert a thin blade or screwdriver in the gap where the two sides of the case meet, then twist to pop open the clips holding it together. One of the major barriers to the expansion of corporate wireless data communications has been the difficulty in enabling existing client/server applications to access radio networks. It’s easy to upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4 PRO, but the more difficult action to take is to find the suitable drive for this purpose. To get inside, insert a thin blade or screwdriver in the gap where the two sides of the case meet, then twist to pop open the clips holding it together. To see how much space your backup will require, you can go to the Settings menu, and then System, and finally, Backup & Restore. EasyACCESS minimises development costs for new wireless applications. Wireless networks typically have non-trivial low-level interfaces, or proprietary third party wireless software drivers. Once open, lift out the internal drive and remove both the foil shielding sheet and the USB connector, then follow the standard replacement process.

PS4 PRO wirless hard drive upgrade

Types of wireless storage devices for PS4 PRO HDD upgrade

Once open, lift out the internal drive and remove both the foil shielding sheet and the USB connector, then follow the standard replacement process. Once the new drive is installed, you’ll need to download the official firmware file from Sony, here. Wireless Data Systems has extensive experience in providing wireless solutions using EasyACCESS technology, including field service dispatch systems, law enforcement database lookup systems and financial services. You may not be aware of the existence of a wireless SSD which works as an outstanding wireless storage device with any system that’s capable to utilize it. Here, an external solid state drive (SSD) can be helpful to reduce lots of times transferring data from the internal hard drive of PS4 PRO to the outsider storage device. As an added bonus, you can attach the USB connector to your existing PS4 hard drive then reassemble the case to give you an extra portable drive once you’ve formatted it. As an added bonus, you can attach the USB connector to your existing PS4 hard drive then reassemble the case to give you an extra portable drive once you’ve formatted it. Make absolute sure that it’s the full package you’re grabbing, rather than the “Update”. EasyACCESS also cuts the cost during the development of new wireless applications, by enabling them to be initially developed on a local wireline network, and later simply run wirelessly using EasyACCESS. Considering an SSD for PS4 PRO storage upgrade is where you must start from if your budget is generous enough for that with no modifications required. The total file size will be close to 1GB, whereas the update version will be just a few hundred megabytes.

More development of wireless data technologies

Long loading times are one of our biggest issues with current-gen consoles. After it’s copied, I’d recommend clicking the flash drive icon in your system tray and safely remove the drive. Games are getting bigger, more complex, with ever-increasing levels of details in art assets – but the fundamental basis of storage technology is unchanged since the Xbox 360/PS3 era. EasyACCESS allows multiple applications to connect at the same time, potentially to different host systems. For example, a user may have an email application (such as Microsoft Outlook) operating in the background, while sending a customer order using a custom built application. Then plug it into the turned-off PS4. Solid-state storage drives are the future, and the question is, can PlayStation 4 Pro – with its brand-new, high bandwidth SATA 3 interface – finally take a good-sized chunk out of the extended pauses between gameplay that are often part and parcel of modern console gaming? Wireless Data Systems is a member of Logica Aldiscon’s Application Provider Programme and provides SMS-based solutions which interwork with their worldwide leading infrastructure product in two way messaging – Telepath SMSC.

adding more storage space to PS4 PRO

The bottleneck of data

At that point, you’ll want to boot up the console, but hold the power button for 7 seconds until you hear a beep. We’ve been here before of course, having carried out extensive testing of the improvements an SSD makes to both Xbox One and PS4 gaming, and we still retain the backup archive we used previously to put various drives through their paces on Sony’s platform. Eventually, you’ll see a menu that will allow you to choose “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)”. Not long afterwards, you’ll be back up and running on your brand-new HDD or SSD. This means that existing applications will work wirelessly through EasyACCESS without modification and, for new development, WinSock is well known to Windows programmers. Either way, EasyACCESS saves a lot of the cost of migrating to wireless data. This offers up an interesting opportunity – the ability to compare the performance of the base PS4 500GB hard drive (an HGST model from a launch unit) with the 1TB equivalent in the Pro. Circuit-switched networks involve the client application ‘dialing’ the server application and establishing a continuous end-to-end connection. Usage charges are typically based on the duration of the ‘call’. Examples of such networks are standard telephone networks, mobile phone networks (eg. GSM, PCS 1900, AMPS, PHS, PDC), and satellite networks. EasyACCESS will support any network for which there exists a device (eg. phone) that provides the Hayes (AT) command set interface (which is the normal modem PC interface). For example, a data card is available for GSM phones that attaches to the PC Card (PCMCIA) slot of a computer. And on top of that, we still have the OCZ Trion 100 SSD we used for our testing back then, meaning that the exact same data can be run on both PS4 consoles – the best we can hope for in SATA 2 vs SATA 3 head-to-head comparison.

Adding extra storage space with a wireless storage device

OCZ’s Trion drive does not represent the fastest technology on the market by any stretch of the imagination, but the point is that it doesn’t need to be. We simply need to see appreciable gains in like-for-like testing to ascertain that the PS4 Pro’s SATA 3 interface is capable of getting more from solid-state technology. Level 2 Certification is restricted to software which demonstrates maximum efficiency and cost-efficient operation on the Motient network. EasyACCESS currently is the only middleware application with Level 2 Certification from Motient. The OCZ unit is certainly capable of delivering more. On the base PS4, the Trion 100 hosting The Witcher 3 loads up a Novigrad City save in a yawn-inducing 69.2 seconds (and this is still an improvement over the stock HDD’s 92.5 seconds). The PC version installed on the OCZ drive loads up the same area – with ultra-level textures no less – in just 28.4 seconds. It’s over twice as fast and the drive is clearly much more capable.

transferring data to a wireless storage device connected to PS4 PRO

The need for more storage on PS4 PRO systems

The question is, can the PS4 Pro more fully utilise it? This first test offers up a pretty conclusive answer straight off the bat, with the Pro only offering up a two second advantage over the same drive hosting the same data on the standard PlayStation 4. Short Message Service (SMS) allows the transmission of small packets of data over GSM or CDMA (PCS 1900) mobile phone networks. The EasyACCESS Client will support any device that conforms to the GSM 07.05 standard. The EasyACCESS Server interfaces to the SMS network using the SMPP protocol, developed by Logica Aldiscon. The supposed advantage of SATA 3’s higher data throughput is clearly being cut short by a bottleneck elsewhere in the system. The chances are that game loading speeds are still limited by a set cap on data transfer throughput. The internal hard drive of PS4 Slim that comes with just 500gb of storage capacity is too limited for an enthusiast who has lots of games to play. It ensures that other background processes – like installing, downloading, and the recording features – can all run at once on whatever mechanical hard drive Sony can acquire in bulk volume for its latest production run. Wireless Data Systems has solved the problem with the EasyACCESS Wireless Enabling Service, making it easier, quicker and cheaper for organisations to migrate to wireless data. SATA 3 is offering up an advantage of sorts, but the reductions are hardly game-changing. EasyACCESS is an enabling middleware product that allows existing client/server applications to operate over wireless networks without modification.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that in this case, loading up a Witcher 3 save game still takes over one minute. However, this test does throw up an interesting result – the Pro’s 1TB stock drive loads in Novigrad City faster than the standard PS4’s 500GB stock drive. That’s 78 seconds versus 92 – cutting 14 seconds off the clock with the PS4 Pro’s default drive. It’s an improvement we see in almost all scenarios and is clearly a welcome boost.